Choosing a Wall Color

Blue is a popular choice for bedrooms because it is said to promote relaxation, but other colors can do the same thing. Keep the blue if you like, but try adding a generous helping of golden brown to lift your bedroom out of its blue mood. Closely related to brown, rust can also draw quiet blue, its complement, out of its shell.

Can a room in plain brown wrapper (brown walls, that is) have much of a personality? Absolutely! If you choose your accent colors wisely and use only accessories you love, then you’ll feel good about how your brown room looks every time you walk in the room.

To keep an all-white room from looking totally washed out, think about bicycle pedals: when one goes down, the other goes up. It’s the same with white: as color goes down, texture must go up. Expanding your palette of textures to include rough and smooth, shiny and dull, and coarse and fine will keep the room calm and simple but never boring.

Describing a room as white is only the bare beginning. There are numerous tints of white, with some warmer and others cooler, depending on whether they have yellow or blue undertones.